The Lake Garda Captured by Michael Pezzaioli

Located in northern Italy between Milan and Venice, the lake Garda is the largest lake of the country. It was formed by icebergs at the end of the ice age and is part of an alpine region.
Michael Pezzaioli has spent a lot of time exploring the area and has recently captured the beauty of the lake with a drone.

Hi Michael, can you introduce yourself?

I’m a young guy who likes to explore new places, I live in northern Italy, about half an hour from Lake Garda (my favorite destination during my trips). I usually travel alone, or with my dog, she is a great companion of adventures. I went everywhere with her.

©Michael Pezzaioli

How did your passion for photography start?

I do not know exactly how my passion for photography was born. I remember that once I happened to meet a boy in Australia who was a photographer, he explained to me how the instagram world worked and I saw his works, from that moment I told myself that I too wanted to take that road.
I’m not a photographer to be precise, I only take pictures.

What kind of landscapes inspire you?

I do not have a pre-set prototype when I go out and shoot something. I only photograph what I find interesting.
Playing with the lights is what I like, and especially going out with the sunset.
©Michael Pezzaioli

You are sharing with us your pictures of lake Garda in Italy. What does this place represent for you?

Lake Garda is a reference point for me, being a place where I spent many years of my life. I know this place inside out now but it never ceases to amaze me

Why did you choose to use a drone to photograph it?

I recently bought a drone to get “different” views of the lake. I took a picture of sirmione castle, which had more than 35 million views, it was a pleasure to see that so many people enjoyed my work.
©Michael Pezzaioli

What type of environment do you like to explore the most?

There is not a specific place that I love to visit. I can go to the mountains one day and the sea the next, but if I have to give a sincere answer is that I prefer the mountains, especially the Dolomites.

If you could only take 3 things to go on a trip, what would you choose?

If I could take only 3 things to go on a trip, it would be:
– my dog
– my SLR
– my drone
©Michael Pezzaioli

What advice would you give to take good travel photography?

My advice would be to travel alone and take as much time as you need, because travelling with other people will not allow you to take your time to take pictures.

What is your dream destination?

My dream destination is California for many years now, but I live in a beautiful country that is Italy, so I am not complaining 🙂
©Michael Pezzaioli

And your next one?

My next destination is yet to be defined, but I believe it is Manarola, five lands, in a couple of weeks
You can see more of Michael’s photographs on his Instagram