From Bowie to Iggy Pop, Unpublished Photos of The Rock Scene of The 60s And 70s

Whether you’re a Rolling Stones or Aretha Franklin fan, the London Rocks exhibition will take you back to the golden age of rock music in England through the walls of Proud Central London Gallery. Alec Byrne‘s photographs are honoured, and most of them have never been published.

“London Rock: The Unseen Archive by Alec Byrne”, exhibition from December 8th 2017 to January 28th 2018, Proud Galleries, London. The exhibition is also the subject of a book, edited by Ebury Publishing.

Iggy Pop, King’s Cross Cinema, London, 15 July 1972. (© Alec Byrne)
Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger, Top of the Pops, BBC Studios, London, 4 May 1967. (© Alec Byrne)
Rock and Roll Circus, Intertel Studios, Wembley, 11 December 1968. (© Alec Byrne)
David Bowie, Humble Pie Tour, Coventry Theatre, 8 octobre 1969. (© Alec Byrne)