Dubai as Seen by Belgian Photographer Nick Hannes

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 7, 2017
Global Village is a family cultural, shopping and entertainment destination, with a shopping experience at 32 pavilions representing more than 75 countries.
 © Nick Hannes


Belgian photographer Nick Hannes was recently named winner of the documentary series category of Magnum and LensCulture’s 2017 Photography Awards. His series Bread and Circuses deals with society’s evolution with Dubai as the setting. Hannes says, “The project deals with the general human condition marked by the contrasts and paradoxes of our time.”


Full moon yoga session, Dubai, September 2016. Yoga at Fairmont The Palm Hotel and Resort in Dubai. The hotel is located on the world’s largest man-made island, shaped in the form of a palm tree. © Nick Hannes


Having worked as a photojournalist, Hannes has transitioned to documentary work as a way of slowing down his photographic process. He says he likes to “chase coincidences” and photojournalism is too fast a field to capture lucky scenes.


Hannes spoke to LensCulture and described his attraction to Duba, “For “Bread and Circuses,” I decided to focus predominantly on consumerism, the entertainment industry and the hedonistic lifestyle Dubai is known for. This choice lead me automatically to look at the wealthier parts of the expat community as well as the ways that visitors and tourists interact with the city; they are the ones who visit the theme parks, malls, nightclubs, beaches, and hotels with the highest frequency.”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 20, 2016 © Nick Hannes



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