Thierry Leroy Tells us About his Trip to Peru

Peru is a beautiful country with a unique aesthetic that inspires many people's dreams. Thierry being one of the lucky people who explored it, he talks about his experience and shares with us his superb images.

Thierry Leroy is a self-taught photographer and has been practicing this passion for ten years. It was his father who introduced him to photography by teaching him the basics, on an old Pentax camera.

Besides that, Thierry is an artistic director at Publicis and has worked in many advertising agencies.

On the heights of Cuzco, between sky and earth ©Thierry Leroy

Today he tells us about his trip to Peru and the stunning photos he captured.

“[…] I wanted to give Instagram users the desire to visit this beautiful country.”

Rainbow Mountain Valley ©Thierry Leroy

It is mainly on Instagram that Thierry shares his images.

He explains that he always tries “to be spontaneous, to try to get original shots, knowing that on Instagram there are many people who copy others”. The goal is to make people dream, to make them want to explore, while creating a coherent whole.”

Alpaga of Cuzco ©Thierry Leroy

“I also try to find harmony in the compositions and colours between the photos so that they live both individually and together (in this case for Instagram),” he explains.

The inconstancy of the Peruvian climate and its very large biodiversity allowed Thierry to observe completely different landscapes depending on the time of day.

“I tried to transcribe this diversity through very “rainbow’ shots with an exhaustive color palette, bright and colorful visuals”

Lama on Machu Picchu ©Thierry Leroy

Thierry travelled around Peru for two weeks in a rental car, allowing him to be free of his movements and also “to avoid tourist bus accidents”.

It is equipped with a 5D Mark III, a drone and a mobile phone that he explored Lima, the capital, the oasis of Huacachina, Cuzco (the ancient capital), Machu Picchu,  finally Vinicunca (also called “seven-color mountain” or “rainbow mountain”)

Discover Thierry’s pictures on his Instagram @mini_tuk