Women Behind The Lens

Women Behind The Lens is a photo contest organized by Picfair that presents the work of women photographers, too often erased behind the work of men who dominate the photogaphy scene.

Picfair explains that “only 2% of photographers engaged in large commercial campaigns are women. Only 5% of the images used by the main photo editors are taken by women. For every female ambassador of a camera brand, there are six men.”

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart | Picfair
Emma Williams | Picfair
Anna Rebecka Lindberg | Picfair
Julia’s Images | Picfair
Sarah Lim | Picfair
Agnieszka Maruszczyk | Picfair
Maureen Ruddy Burkhart | Picfair
Lucie Goodayle | Picfair
Lynn Fraser | Picfair
Nia Sandy | Picfair
Cath Dupuy | Picfair
Maria Maza | Picfair
Niney Azman | Picfair
Jennifer Cauli | Picfair
Alison Lomax | Picfair
Chloe Beale | Picfair
Irena Sowinska Galli | Picfair
Agnese Sanvito | Picfair
Agnese Sanvito | Picfair
Irena Sowinska Galli | Picfair


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