In Todd McLellan’s series “Things Come Apart”, the Canadian photographer deconstructs everyday objects to create nostalgic still lifes that reflect his childhood. By combining his two passions, photography and understanding how things work, he endures long hours of work to challenge himself and showcase his passion for the artform.  

These last decades, western societies witnessed a decrease in religious practice. As a result, more and more places of worship are deserted and abandoned. In the UK in particular, only 30% of the population is religious and the attendance rate of churches is 1%. This is how James Kerwin started capturing empty churches throughout the world to […]

This short film is an interesting exhibition that follows the efforts of Daniel Arnold to document people from different parts of New York City. With interesting animations peppered throughout the film, Altskan and Fiks follow Daniel Arnold as he works in Williamsburg, the Diamond District, Chinatown, his home, Brighton Beach, and the Financial District. The […]